The new Knog PWR range of products are far from just another bike light. Not only do they double up as power banks to charge your phone and de, but are the modular models can interchange the heads with spare battery units, while the battery unit itself is capable of powering a range of fantastic ecosystem of outdoor products soon to be released.

But it's not just the battery system that is innovative; this whole product range is amazing, from the optics, the mounts, the battery, and even a fully programmable mode maker allowing you to change the flash patterns of your light via a simple app. More than just for fun or safety, Knog's PWR mode maker can allow you to achieve your perfect balance between brightness and visibility vs running time.

Some features in detail:

"Charger" PWR Series:

  • Light with integrated power bank
  • Top up charge your devices
  • Bar mounting with silicone strap
  • Helmet mounting accessory available

"Modular" PWR Series:

  • Interchangeable light head - mix and match
  • Battery works as power bank
  • High power for off-road
  • Multiple mounting solutions

Choose the simple “charger” bike lights which have an integrated power bank, or upgrade to the “modular” system which has interchangeable PWR Lightheads and PWR Banks. These batteries will power all the modular products, including the upcoming outdoor range.

PWR Bank 

All Knog PWR bike lights have a battery that can charge your devices. Knog call it the PWR Bank, of course. The PWR Banks have enough charge to get you home using your light head, and still have enough juice for anything from an emergency top up charge for your mobile (PWR Communter) to generously fully charging your mobile twice (PWR Mountain).

PWR Mounts
Helmet or handlebar, extension or not, we've got you covered.

Optics - Brighter Thinking
When Knog designs each light, optics come first. Always have. The secret is understanding what each rider needs, and then giving them the beam pattern to do that and more.

The ModeMaker App
Both “charger” lights and modular light heads can be programmed. This isn’t just for fun (although some of the flash patterns are pretty amusing) – it’s to let you control brightness and importantly, their runtimes.

Even more features
From the touch sensitive battery indicator, twist to change mode feature, brushed aluminium finish and the optional sexy L-shape side mount, there is so much to love about the Knog PWR range. This really is the next generation in cycling lights.

New Knog PWR products will be available here as the range grows. But why not get started today!

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